Should God be included in Drug Rehab?

If addiction is a disease, should God be in the treatment as it is in a lot of programs.  Whether you use the term higher power or God, a lot of drug rehab centers have God at the core of their program.  We do not turn to God to cure diabetes or heart conditions.  Would addiction be better served by sticking to evidence based treatment?  Or is addiction a tougher problem, that only intervention by a higher power can solve?  What do you think?

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Drug Rehab…Old You to New You

Is it really possible to become a different person?  To react differently, to listen differently, to work differently, and to remove qualities that do not serve you?   Well a simple answer is yes.  You see you had different behaviors before you learned to become an addict.  You learned to become an amazing liar and manipulator.  You learned how to buy drugs.  You learned how to drink at work and not get caught.  The key to being different is opening new doors, learning new things and practising them.  Learning a new langauge and culture will change you forever. 

The same is said for what you learn in drug rehab.  A treatment program will change you if you learn it and practise it.  Just like a new language, if you never use it, you will lose it.  So you want a new you?  Go and learn new skills, practise them and you will be a different person. 

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A Different View of Addiction

Tired of the 12 step outlook on addiction?  Looking for something more than the standard take a lot of drug rehab centers use?  For some clients this may be an alternative they wish to look at.  By analysizing brain scans, they determine a treatment plan, and then check for healing comfirmed by later scans.  If you truly believe that addiction is a disease, then maybe we should develop treatment plans along those lines link in medicine.  Just food for thought.


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Life is not perfect…So Stop Expecting it to be

Addiction and drama go hand in hand.  Sobriety and drama do not.  When you are fully in your addiction there is always a reason outside yourself to justify your behavior.  Other people always let you down.  Life is always unfair.  Well the simple truth is that life is not perfect so you are going to be let down. Situations will come about that are not fair.  However, you must remember most of the world cope with these upsets and stresses without resorting you abusing drugs and alcohol. 

Expect life to have upsets and hassles.  Solving problems is one of the reasons we all get up in the morning.  If you expect hassles and willingly confront them, they will not bring drama and uncontrolled stress to your life.  Most of the disappointment you will feel in life comes from your expectation that life should be different that it is. Find a way to appreciate what a real problem can teach you.  Remember we are all on this earth to serve and learn in some way or another.  Dealing with life in all it’s imperfections is one of the ways we do just that.

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Success and Sobriety

Is sobriety and success in Drug Rehab any different than any other area of life?  Are the core habits of all success, in work, relationships, financial, or health any different than the steps to moving past drugs and alcohol?  Probably not.  To be successful in any area of life the same things are usually present.  Structure is usually around when people are doing well.  Most successful businesses have structure.  All great athletes have it.  Most successful marriages have structure and rituals built into them.

Most successful people have a coach in the area they are working on.  Business coaches and physical trainers are pretty much the norm for people excelling at what they do.  In drug and alcohol treatment structure and coaching are at the core of any good program.

Discipline is also one of the cornerstones of success.  Very few people achieve long term health and financial success without regular focused activity in that area.  There is no power like the power of doing something every day.  At the heart of any drug and alcohol rehab is teaching people to do what they say they are going to do…every day.

This could be why so many people who have struggled with addiction, once they learn how to become sober, go on to achieve so many great things in their lives.  Learning to become sober is learning how to become successful.

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