Change and lack of Change

I have noticed something the last little while.  Change is easy to see.  It does not need an advocate or a headline.  If you make changes to become healthier, people comment.  You do not have to ask someone, Have I lost weight?  They will see it and tell you on thier own. 

I really do not think you have to proclaim to the world that you are sober.  You are changed.  You are a better person.  If you have, they will see it.  In your effort.  In your energy level.  In your commitment to keep your word. 

If fact constantly talking about how you have changed seems a little hollow.  Who are you trying to convince, me or you?  Just fight the good fight and the world will notice.  It may take a while but it will notice.  Besides if you were mired in addiction, patience and humility are traits you probably need to work on anyway.

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