The Industry of Addiction

The War on Drugs really only benefits the people in the business of locking other people up.  Drugs are more plentiful than ever.  Addiction is everywhere with no signs of letting up.  So those who profit from charging , convicting and housing those caught in the illegal drug industry are the only ones winning in this war. Poor and desparate people go to jail.  Addicts do not get help.  Money that could be spent on treatment is spent on incarceration.  Police resources that could be spent in other areas are used because making drugs illegal, means high profits, means violence in the drug trade. 

Take away the profit, the violence will disappear, and everyone wins.  Less death by accidental overdose as people will actually know what they are consuming and what strength it is.  The prisons will have half the prisoners now present.  We can law off the excess prison guards and hire addiction couselors.  Sometimes I wonder what destroys more lives, drugs… or all the violence and damage caused by making them illegal and locking people up so they come out angrier and more lost than they were hooked on drugs.

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