Become Sober with a New Language

The best part of going to drug rehab is that you have time to think.  The worst part of drug rehab is you have time to think.  Weird eh?  When you head is in a good space thinking allows you to look at what you what to do with the rest of your life.  You see a life filled full of possibilities and change.

When you are craving your drug and your old activities, every second of spare time in a drug rehab program seems like torture.  That is why a lot of people getting sober head back to the gym and get in shape.  While a good choice for a while, lifting weights and exercise does not totally engage your brain.  You can do it on auto pilot so to speak, so it give the voice in your head time to “talk” you back into doing drugs or alcohol.

Another great choice to add to this is learning a new language on the computer with a program like Rosetta Stone.  You do not need anyone else to help you.  It forces to you use more of your brain and focus than just working out.  You can’t thing about drugs and learn to pronounce new words at the same time.  So why not do your self a favor?  In 90 days you can become sober, become fit, and learn to speak a new language.  All in all not a bad deal.

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