Drug Rehab is Just too Expensive!

I get that quality help in not cheap.  I get we are a society that believes you need to untimatey take care of yourself.  But for the most part, private drug rehab centers are just too expensive.  I am not saying they are not worth it.  I am not saying people are getting rich off of the backs of those with drug and alcohol problems.  I am saying drug rehab treatment costs more than most people with addiction and their families can afford.  So it does not help them.  So we need a more cost effective solution for addiction.  We need to quit blaming the addicts.  We need to stop blaming the government.  We need to look at the problem with real basic research.  We need more phd’s doing their thesis on addiction.  Putting people away for 90 or more days is just too expensive for far too many addicts. 

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