Summertime and Sobriety

Sumertime is the time of parties and barbeques at the lake.  This means that the social pressure to drink and use drugs may be even more present than at other times of the year.  Other than Christmas, it may be the toughest time of the year to stay sober.  No body wants to feel left out.  However, there are things you can do and actually be appreciated for not drinking.  Be the designated driver or boater.  Make it OK and and be thanked for you sobriety.  Hang around earlier in the afternoon and day.  Leave before the heavier drinking and substance abuse occurs.  Once people start to get high they will feel the need to convince you that you need to “loosen” up a bit. Sumertime like all social situations, can be handled soberly, as long as you plan, and stay within your boundaries.

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