Drug Rehab…Old You to New You

Is it really possible to become a different person?  To react differently, to listen differently, to work differently, and to remove qualities that do not serve you?   Well a simple answer is yes.  You see you had different behaviors before you learned to become an addict.  You learned to become an amazing liar and manipulator.  You learned how to buy drugs.  You learned how to drink at work and not get caught.  The key to being different is opening new doors, learning new things and practising them.  Learning a new langauge and culture will change you forever. 

The same is said for what you learn in drug rehab.  A treatment program will change you if you learn it and practise it.  Just like a new language, if you never use it, you will lose it.  So you want a new you?  Go and learn new skills, practise them and you will be a different person. 

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