Life is not perfect…So Stop Expecting it to be

Addiction and drama go hand in hand.  Sobriety and drama do not.  When you are fully in your addiction there is always a reason outside yourself to justify your behavior.  Other people always let you down.  Life is always unfair.  Well the simple truth is that life is not perfect so you are going to be let down. Situations will come about that are not fair.  However, you must remember most of the world cope with these upsets and stresses without resorting you abusing drugs and alcohol. 

Expect life to have upsets and hassles.  Solving problems is one of the reasons we all get up in the morning.  If you expect hassles and willingly confront them, they will not bring drama and uncontrolled stress to your life.  Most of the disappointment you will feel in life comes from your expectation that life should be different that it is. Find a way to appreciate what a real problem can teach you.  Remember we are all on this earth to serve and learn in some way or another.  Dealing with life in all it’s imperfections is one of the ways we do just that.

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