Reality TV and Addiction

Reality TV can provide fascinating insight into human behavior.  One in particular I watch is Jail.  It is about people being charged, and how they are handled at an intake center or remand center. The people are not convicted, just charged and are being processed, before seeing as judge or being tried.  So they are still innocent.

The majority of those charged have a problem drugs and alcohol.  From a simple DUI, to assault, dealing drugs, and a host of other charges, most have the common thread of addiction to drugs and or alcohol.  A simple fact is that not many sober clean people are being arrested.

It is also easy to see how their addiction affects their ability to make good choices.  From the comfort of this side of the TV screen it looks that if you have a real problem with drugs and alcohol, it will be only a matter of time until you also have a legal issue as well.  Drug rehab and treatment may not only save you a lot of money and a host of personal problems, but it really could save you quite literally from a prison cell as well.

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