Check If Certified means Certified!

Making a selection for a drug and alcohol rehab center at times can be a difficult process.  How do you really know that the people working at the drug rehab center really do know what they are doing.  If they are using “certified” counselors, what does that mean and who certifies them?  If you do not ask the second question and then check what it means, the term certified counselor does not help you much. 

Take for instance the NAATP (National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers ) logo displayed on a lot of drug rehab center websites.  This means the rehab center is a member of NAATP.  They pay a fee and provide details about their center to NAATP.  While displaying the logo on their site may imply some sort of endorsement of their program, there is no certification by NAATP, so it may not really help you to decide if a drug rehab program is a good one , just because it belongs to NAATP.  So again, you have to do your homework to find a quality drug rehab center that meets your needs.

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