The Christmas Excuse

Funny the things we tell ourselves when we want to justify our actions.  A crazy one happens to most drug and alcohol rehab centers about this time of year.  People you Christmas as an excuse not to seek treatment until the new year.  They do not want to be in a treatment program through the holidays.  Like sticking around out of control and being close to partying and alcohol will make for a safe and happy holiday for everyone.  If you are out of control with your addiction, the safest place you can be for yourself and your family is a drug rehab centre.  Why not give your family a real present this year.  Give them peace of mind over the holidays.  Give them the break of not worrying about you and how to cope with your behavior during this time.  Missing a holiday is not a good reason to not seek treatment. How will one more bender and one more spoiled family gathering help you ar anyone else.  If you need help.  Make this Christmas a rehab Christmas.

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