10 Biggest Mistakes in Picking a Drug Rehab Center #9

This common mistake in picking a drug rehab center can simply be put as….There is no such thing as a sure thing”   No drug rehab can promise you success.  The only guarantee a drug rehab center might have is if you relapse you can come back at a reduced rate or free for a period of time.  But even that is if you complete the program.  You can’t make a client stay if they want to leave and go use drugs or alcohol.

This is the number one reason why you may not want to take advantage of a “pre-payment discount” for longer stays.  If the client leaves early and you do not get a refund…. you have no savings.  Ask for the completion rates for 30, 60 and 90 days.  What % of clients who come to the center finish those targets.  Success rates without random drug and alcohol testing may not be reliable, so maybe you do not want to place too much of your decision on them.  Just because a drug rehab center calls some one and asks if they have relapsed, does not mean the client will be totally truthful.

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