10 Biggest Mistakes in Picking a Drug Rehab Center #8

This common mistake can be summed up with the phrase…. Beware the Hard Sell.  Trying to get a loved one into a drug rehab center is a very stressful time.  You are more than vulnerable to an emotional sales pitch.  I knew of one sales intake person who used to get the family to come up with more money by using a line similar to this one…  Why won’t you come up with the money for your son’s rehab… you would come up with the money to bury him, wouldn’t you?

While there is probably some degree of truth in that manipulative statement, there is certainly no reason why you should pick that particular drug rehab.  And while these decisions can easily be lifesaving, simply rushing and choosing poorly will not save anyone. If someone is making you feel that if you do not spend a bunch on money today, you are risking some ones life… you may want to hang up and call someone else.

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