10 Biggest Mistakes in Picking a Drug Rehab Center #2

Ok…you have done your homework about drug addiction.  You see there are multiple forms of treatment for drug addiction and no one way works for everyone.  The second most common mistake is just phoning drug rehab centers and asking about “their program”.  Your objective is to find the best program for you, not what is the best about their program.

You need to come up with a list of questions and you “interview” them.  Here are some sample questions that will stop the sales pitch and get you the information you need to make your decision about which drug rehab center to attend.

  1. What is the key method your drug rehab center uses to modify behavior?
  2. What type of client does best at your drug rehab center?
  3. What type of client does poorly at your drug rehab center?
  4. What are the methods you use to help a client from leaving a rehab center prematurely?
  5. What tools or new skills does a client leave your rehab center with?
  6. What is the financial policy about refunds?
  7. When I tour the drug rehab center, will I be able to see a sample session and talk freely to some of the present clients?
  8. What is the education level and credentials of the different types of staff at the drug rehab center.
  9. What is the mechanism for complaint resolution, and is it formally in place, and may I see it?

    As you phone drug rehab centers, WRITE DOWN YOUR ANSWERS!  Picking a drug rehab center is a stressful process.  Without written notes, you will easily confuse parts of one drug rehab center with another.  Reviewing your notes after the call will tell you much about the center.


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