Cleaning Up Your Own House

Part of living today involves dealing with a lot of other people.  We live in a very specialized world so getting anything done will require you to contact and communicate with other people.  Most of us will work with other people.  Most if not all of the people we come across will not live up to our “standards”.  By this I mean the most likely will make mistakes, take too long, talk too much, talk to little……

For a good many of these people you will only have two options.  The first is to accept the situation and make the best of it.  The second is to find a different situation and hope it is better.  But what is really involved in the first option?  For the most part it starts with a good look in the mirror.

If people irritate you, it is most likely that you are easy to irritate.  Do you get up eat a healthy breakfast?  Do you exercise every day?  Is you life organized, so you are completing required tasks with time to spare?  In other words do you come to communicate with the world with a positive attitude and gas in your tank?

Or do you show up, overtired, hungry and pressed for time?  You are stuck in a cycle of staying up late, watching TV and eating a lot of unhealthy food?  Remember you are at all of your interactions with the world…..  Are you coming with all that you have?

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