Non Refundable Fees at Drug Rehab Centers

Many drug rehab centers have non refundable fees.  It is a common practice and has clear reasons behind it.  There are discounts for longer stays that are paid in advance.  As length of stay is one of the most important factors in success and sobriety, anything that will help clients stay longer is better.

Non refundable fees also help drug rehab centers control unacceptable behavior.  If some one can lose thousands of dollars by smuggling in drugs or alcohol they may think twice about it.  Also if a client is violent, they need to be removed and have boundaries enforced and in place.

The problem is that removing a client and keeping the money, in a lot of instances seems to hurt and punish the family and not the offending client.  As in most instances of private drug and alcohol rehab treatment, it is a family member paying for the treatment, not the client.  The client leaves the center and returns to his or her drug of choice and unhealthy lifestyle.  The family is stuck trying to clean up the mess.  Plus a lot of time, no matter how carefully the situation is explained and documented, the family feels somehow ripped off. They are trying to save their family member and when it does not work, they feel a need to blame somebody.  Unfortunately with non refundable fees, that blame falls  at the drug rehab center.  With all the places people can complain and post….our site included, it may be the time to rethink the value of non refundable fees.

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