Can You Please All Your Clients?

No business is perfect.  No drug rehab center will be able to help every client that comes thorough the door to succeed the very first time.   So how can a business avoid some of the negative comments common on the internet?  This in a field such as drug rehab when you are dealing with addiction, families, spouses and sometimes the law.

First the drug rehab center must accept the fact that nobody “forced” the client on them.  If they are a private business they do not have to accept every client who wants to come.  It is possible to have a transition period at the beginning to evaluate if the client is suitable for the program.  If the cost was small and reasonable, both the client and the rehab center would both have a chance to see if they fit well together, and both parties would have to agree to move onto the complete program.

The other simple solution is for drug rehab centers to stop the practice of collecting large fees for multiple months up front in a non refundable format.  It always leads to unhappy clients and families when the situation arises of a client leaving of their own accord or because of unacceptable behavior.

If clients leave a program because they are unhappy with it or their progress, from a business and reputation point of view, it would be wise to give a immediate pro-rated refund.  From a legal point of view, the rehab center may not have to give the money back. However with all the social media out there, why would you want to have some person talking about you feeling they lost tens of thousands of dollars unfairly?

If clients know they can leave with a pro rated refund, then they are staying by choice. The odds of someone then going out and using the internet to trash a business would be much smaller.  Of course the rehab program and the staff at the rehab would have to be of a higher quality.  A rude or non caring staff person just would not be tolerated.

I guess the question comes down to the fact that a really great rehab would not have to have large up front non refundable fees?  If clients felt safe and felt there were actually changing….they would want to stay.

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