The Value of Your OnLine Reputation

Most drug rehab centers have websites.  Because often it is and advantage to go to drug and alcohol rehab treatment away from home, a lot of clients and their families turn to the internet for guidance.  The internet is becoming a battleground however, where complaints can and do live forever.  It is even more important for a drug rehab center to have policies in dealing with unhappy clients.  With numerous consumer complaint websites out there, one unhappy client can post a lot of bad reviews and damage a hard earned reputation. 

The other side of this coin is bad drug rehab centers become exposed if there is a consistent and long list of complaints.  Use your judgement when reading reviews.  No business is perfect.  No client is perfect.  While the internet is an amazing source of information about drug and alcohol rehab centers, it can also be a source of poor information.  Everyone on the internet can express their opinion.  The difficult job is telling the value of that opinion to your situation and your addiction

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