Stop Expecting Life to be Easy

Sometimes we set ourselves up for trouble.  Then when things do not turn out we run to drugs and alcohol to make the “pain” go away.  We want like to be perfect and fun all the time.  We expect every year to be better and more successful than the last.  Then when it does not play out that way there must be something wrong with us.  Or there is something wrong with the world or those around us.  Life is not “fair” to us.

Then we “deserve” to use drugs or alcohol because of all the wrongs against us.  We use false expectations to set up a reason to use.  Life is messy and not perfect.   Expect hassles and problems.  Practice how to respond to difficult situations before they arise.  Sobriety is real and filled with issues and day to day hassles.  Find peace and enjoyment in solving them.

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