Life After Addiction

We talk a lot about drug and alcohol rehab.  That is only one step in a long process.  The real goal is a great and fulfilling life after addiction.  Drugs and alcohol can consume and control your life.  That is the bad news.  The positive side of that is you will have a lot of time to fill with wonderful stuff.  You can certainly learn that language you always wanted to understand.  Time to develop your skill with a musical instrument, yes you will be able to do that.  Volunteer and help others?  Same answer.  Drug and alcohol addiction are a giant time sucking machine, wasting your life. 

Sobriety will mean you can choose who and what you will become.  Time and money will be the big gifts you get after addiction.  Drugs and alcohol are not cheap.  Not using them will free up cash you never thought you had.  Life after addiction is full of possibilities.  Drug rehab will help you get there.

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