What Can Most Families Afford for Drug Rehab?

It is clear that we are all going to have to pay for more services in our lives.  Governments and budgets are shrinking, not growing.  So the private sector will have to develop drug and alchol programs that we can afford.  So what can most families afford?  Personal debt just like governments is reaching record levels as well.

Obviously like most things Canadian’s buy, private drug rehab will have to be financed.  Maybe this is another area that the government could help.  Just like the student loan program, maybe the government could set up low cost loans to help people with addiction seek help.

Rehab centers are available in the 15 to 30,000$ range.  However this is an amount that is just not feasible for the average Canadian family seeking drug rehab treatment for one of their family.  We need treatment centers giving a 3 month effective course of treatment for around 10,000$.  If that a tall order….yes it is.  But it is what is needed to really start to make a real dent in the problem of drug and alcohol addiction in Canada.

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