Private Drug Rehab Centers as Neighbors

We all think drug rehab treatment is a good thing.  We all think people suffering an addiction should get help.  We sometimes are not as keen if the center for treating these issues sets up next door to us.  People worry about decreasing property values because of all the horrible behavior of drug and alcohol addicts.  They think there will be issues with drug use.

The irony is that a drug and alcohol treatment center is the one place where you will find the least drug use.  Most centers routinely test their clients to see they are not using.  Those who fail this testing are often removed from the center.  Drug rehab centers make good and quiet neighbors.  Their clients have curfews and lights out.  Clients come for long stays, so traffic in and out of the center is limited to employees coming for work and delivery of supplies like food.  A drug rehab center is most likely one of the least annoying businesses you could have beside you.  Don’t let emotions get in the way of good judgment.

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