Drug Rehab’s Troubled Horizon

Governments everywhere are running out of money.  Our’s in no exception, even if our situation is not as dire as some of the other countries out there.  This can mean only one thing, less money for helping people.  There will be less drug and alcohol addiction help provided for free from the sources presently available. 

Can the private sector pick up the slack.  We have lots of drug rehab centers in Canada at 10,000 per month plus.  We need more in the 1000 per month range.  I know that is a lot to ask, but quite simply the money is not there in a lot of cases.  Either we find cheaper solutions for drug rehab treatment or we watch people destoy their lives and die.  All the complaining in the world will not get more money from the goverments.  We need to start to solve this on our own.

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