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What Can Most Families Afford for Drug Rehab?

It is clear that we are all going to have to pay for more services in our lives.  Governments and budgets are shrinking, not growing.  So the private sector will have to develop drug and alchol programs that we can … Continue reading

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Facebook Page for Free Addiction Resources

A facebook page has been created to help people locate free drug and alcohol resources. Social media has become such an important way to spread information, and it is another wonderful way to help people.  Why don’t you give it … Continue reading

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Private Drug Rehab Centers as Neighbors

We all think drug rehab treatment is a good thing.  We all think people suffering an addiction should get help.  We sometimes are not as keen if the center for treating these issues sets up next door to us.  People … Continue reading

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Drug Rehab’s Troubled Horizon

Governments everywhere are running out of money.  Our’s in no exception, even if our situation is not as dire as some of the other countries out there.  This can mean only one thing, less money for helping people.  There will … Continue reading

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