Addiction and Stress

No matter how you slice it, stress and anxiety play a large role in addiction.  Drugs and alcohol unfortunately are a key component in many individuals coping mechanism.  Life just keeps getting more stressful.  We are hit with more and more rules and regulations very day.  We have rules about work, taxes, traffic laws, even down to the size and content of our garbage we throw out.

As society makes more rules, we have come up with more and more expensive and creative way to enforce them.  Photo radar, auditors, inspectors and the always popular report a ______.  You can fill in whatever type of act they are looking for at that moment.  Government needs money.  Tons of it.  They are in debt to their eyeballs.  They hate raising taxes, or in some provinces have them so high they can’t raise them any more.  So them make more rules to creatively get more money.

I am not here to vent about big government.  I am pointing out life is getting harder.  People feel over worked, over audited, over fined and at the end of the day they feel their value is overlooked.  This is a recipe for stress worry….and addiction.  We do not teach our kids how to cope with this ever increasing wave we face.  So we grow new addicts every day.  And for the most part, we do not treat them.

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