Quick to Complain…Slow to Praise

Society as a whole has very high expectations.  Drug and alcohol rehab treatment is not different.  The internet has become a free and open place to comment about everything. The issue is that there seems to be a ton of comments about what is wrong.  Ripoff sites abound.  But what about the good places?  Why are we not talking about the good drug and alcohol rehab centers?

If you are sober, who helped you get there?  I don’t care if it was a friend, a drug rehab counselor, or your fitness trainer.  Why not let us know the efforts of good people who hung in there and assisted you to find your path out of the drug and alcohol wilderness.  While knowing where not to go is helpful and may save you money, knowing where to go for help will save your life.

So, if you were giving people who where in addiction advice, what would it be?

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