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Welcome to Cardinal Recovery Services

We are very excited about every new listing in our drug and alcohol rehab directory.  One area where there is a very large shortage of space is with adolescents addicts.  So we are especially excited to have Cardinal Recovery Services … Continue reading

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Quick to Complain…Slow to Praise

Society as a whole has very high expectations.  Drug and alcohol rehab treatment is not different.  The internet has become a free and open place to comment about everything. The issue is that there seems to be a ton of … Continue reading

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More Free Drug Rehab Lessons

Another free on line lesson has been posted.  It is about how sex and sexual relationships affect drug and alcohol relapse.  Find out tips and tools you can use to deal with the combination of these two behaviours.  Click here … Continue reading

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New Methods for the “Wired” Generation

Not all addictions are the same.  Not all clients are the same.  Education in the general population is having to face the fact that young people have changed and how they learn has changed.  The internet and video games have … Continue reading

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Welcome to Global Interventions

We are pleased to add Global Interventions to our directory of drug and alcohol rehabs.  For many clients and families and interventionist is a vital step in the process of getting a client to accept the help being offered.  An … Continue reading

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