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Examine What Causes You to Change

We have all made changes in our lives.  So we know it is possible.  How did you change in the past?  What did you do?  Do you have to be forced to change?  Do you change for things you want?  … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Urban Native Youth Assoiciation

the Urban Native Youth Association was formed to support young native youth moving to urban areas in B.C.  With over 20 programs and hundreds of volunteers and staff they are there to help in any way they can.  Of particular … Continue reading

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Out Patient Counseling in Kelowna

Pathways Counseling offers addiction help on an out patient basis in Kelowna.  The also offer yoga and self hypnosis classes.  Yoga and meditation have been proven to help in relapse prevention.  Wondering if you need a little help with the … Continue reading

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This Can be The Best Year of Your Life

There are times that we all wish we could start over.  Re-do our life.  Do it better this time.  Drugs, alcohol and addiction may have destroyed much of your life.  But it does not have to be that way this … Continue reading

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Free Drug Rehab Lesson #10

We have posted another free on line drug rehab lesson.  This one goes into the relationship between exercise and relapse.  Exercise has a positive influence on relapse prevention.  Exercise helps in stress reduction and depression, both of which are problems in relapse. … Continue reading

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