Posting Results in Drug Rehab

It is becoming increasingly difficult to know how to pick a drug rehab center.  The internet certainly has a lot of information.  this issue is how do you find that information and can you trust it when you find it.  A lot of drug rehab centers will post there result in one form or another.  Still there is no standard way to test or report result in drug rehab treatment.

I think two things that could really help people decide are completion rate and relapse rate. If a program is 3 months, what % of the clients complete the 3 months.  Also, what % of clients leave in the first week?  To a large extent completion rate is far more in a drug rehab center’s control, and there fore may be a better guide of the quality of their program.

Relapse rates should be quoted for 1 and maybe 2 years.  If a client is sober at 1 year a rehab has really done their job and responsibility has really shifted to the client to continue to use the skills they were taught.  Relapse rates should be broken down into clients that stayed 1, 2, and 3 months, or whatever are the common length of stays.  Simply quoting people that stayed the longest may look good for the rehab, but it is of vital importance when people do not have the finances to complete the ideal length of stay.  If you know you are only staying for 30 days, you need to find the center that has the highest rate for short stays.

There are lots of consumer complaint sites that will have comments on various drug rehab programs.  the problem is you just do not know who is making the comment and why?  Are they a client who was treated poorly?  Are they someone from another rehab who is jealous and simply wants to trash the competition?  The key is to look for a trend of comment over a longer period of time, by a lot of different people.  Also, did the rehab being commented on make a reasonable attempt to answer the comment?  Do not go to a rehab or rule one out based on a single comment or two.

The real solution to this may lie in a lower cost trial.  Maybe a family member could attend for a day or two.  Quality drug rehab centers will always be transparent and open.

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