Free Rehab…Now more than Ever!

We get e-mail requests every single day from desperate people and family members.  They are at their wits end.  They simply want help.  They have no financial resources to get help in a safe and caring place.  They want to go to drug rehab.  They know they can benefit from drug rehab.  They are ready for drug rehab.  The just cannot afford drug rehab.  We simply need more free drug rehab centers if we are truly going to help those who need it most.  Families are destroyed and children end up lost and neglected.  It is so easy to judge and blame people with addiction.  Blame does not help anyone.  Free drug rehab would help.  Free drug rehab would save lives.  Or as a country we can buy more fighter jets at $500 million a piece.  Where are our priorities anyway?

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