Drug Rehab and Teeth

Drug and alcohol abuse destroys teeth.  Many drugs directly affect the teeth.  A couple of years of Meth use will lead to multiple teeth with large cavities.  Cocaine use leads to clenching of the jaws which leads to fractured and broken teeth.  Drug and alcohol abuse leads to poor diet and poor dental hygiene which again leads to tooth decay and loss.

Many clients leave drug and alcohol rehab with a sober start, but every time they smile or look in the mirror the horrible situation with their teeth stares back at them saying…I’m an addict and everyone can see it.  Seeing  a dentist and rebuilding the damage so they can smile and not feel judged will do amazing wonders for their self esteem and confidence.  It also aides in finding a job after drug rehab.  We do get judged on our appearance, and it is tough enough to get a job in today’s world.   Some for a lot of clients, a visit to the dentist after drug rehab is a vital part of their healing process.

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