Find a Mentor and Model

A lot of times in life it is easier to copy something successful than invent it.  This is what role models and mentors are for.  The simplest way to a more successful life is to go find people who have the things in their life that you want and to copy it.  Drug and alcohol rehab is no different.  Look for people who have overcome drug and alcohol abuse and look at the things they did to change.  Look at the things they do to maintain their sobriety.

The best possible way to decide about a particular drug rehab center is to talk to some one who went there and found success.  See if the treatment methods used with them might also work for you.  Find out how long they went.  What did they do after drug rehab?  By finding someone you know has been there and found a sane way out, you can speed your own progress and journey to happy future.

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