Lying – The “Hangover” of Addiction

Addiction has lots of nasty side effects.  Drugs and alcohol can leave permanent damage to your body and your health.  Your relationships even after you have been sober for a long time may not totally return to normal.  But one side effect that is personal and hard to deal with is lying.  When you have been addicted for a long time you simply become a superb liar.  You have the ability to think on your feet and convince anybody of almost anything.

You become so comfortable lying that on social level you are hardly aware you are lying anymore.  The irony is that you may have stop using drugs and alcohol or any other addictive behavior, but you keep on lying.  Maybe we miss the thrill of all the drama.  Maybe we think we are incapable of the truth.  Maybe we think people will find the truth boring and not worthy of their time.  It is apparent though that many of us will keep on lying even when there is absolutely no need to lie.

Keep asking yourself, “what is the microscopic truth about the situation and am I relaying that totally?”  Lying will embarrass you and damage your relationships.  Work on it like any other skill you need to alter and change.  It you continue to be a great liar, it means you are still practicing it.  If you are practicing it, relapse back to drugs and alcohol are a short distance away

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