Sometimes Life is not even Remotely Fair

There are moments and times in life where it is just wrong and not fair what is happening to someone.  Mistakes are made and even if found and acknowledged they cannot be undone.  People can be permanently hurt or killed and no amount of grief or work can undo it.

This issue in drug and alcohol addiction is however, that no matter how unfair life and other people have been to you, using drugs and alcohol does not make it any better. Drugs do not help heal abuse from family and friends in your past.  If fact, many times it amplifies and perpetuates the conditions of the abuse.  I get that maybe you are broken inside and hurt everyday.  Pills and booze won’t heal you though.  It will cloud your judgment and make it even harder to find the solutions you need to cope with the injustice that was done to you.

If you have been hurt, you might want to find some competent people to help you deal with the damage that was done and assist you to find a better life in your terms.  It is easy to see how drugs at first helped you mask the pain you felt.  There is no long term effective solution to what is disturbing and ruining your life in drug use.  Find some qualified people in a good drug rehab that cares and reclaim you life.

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