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Better Days Will Come

We all want our lives to improve as fast as possible.  We all seem to be addicted to tomorrow and not being here today.  We are unwilling to deal with discomfort and want to be medicated and sheltered from it. … Continue reading

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It Never hurts to ask for help from your Higher Power

I had a physician work on me the last few days.  He kept trying over and over to get a simple procedure to work.  It just wasn’t accomplishing what it was supposed to.  He brought me back day after day without any … Continue reading

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Addiction and Relationships – Free online addiction lesson

Addiction affects  all of our relationships.  It damages our old relationships and allows us to form new toxic relationships with other people who abuse drugs and alcohol.  If we want to move past addiction and on to sobriety we have to deal … Continue reading

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Everyone Needs Rules and Boundaries

As we grow up and get more experience under our belt our ability to judge and avoid difficult situations gets better and better.  Even the most experienced of us still needs to have a set of rules and boundaries to … Continue reading

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How Much is Enough?

Stress and anxiety are often found in large doses in drug and alcohol addiction.  Some of the stresses are real and some of them are self inflicted.  One of the ways we create stress in our lives is the constant … Continue reading

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