Legal Issues After Drug Rehab can take Years

Detoxing off of drugs and alcohol most times can be accomplished in one to two weeks.  Most clients after 3 to 4 weeks in a drug rehab program are really starting to feel themselves again and looking forward to a fresh start in life.  While the pace of change and growth in a drug rehab move at quite an amazing pace, the legal system moves at best at a snails pace.

Legal problems will take time to resolve.  Expect it.  If you do not prepare mentally for it to take time to sort out stress of worry over it will lead to poor short term decisions and relapse.  While the time line for clearing up legal issues after drug and alcohol abuse is uncertain, one thing is certain, relapse and more negative behavior will not help.  Do let the mistakes in your past lead to a feeling of hopelessness that is an excuse for relapse.  Being sober is the only real way to clear and rebuild your name.  Don’t lose focus on that.

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