Quality Relationships and Sobriety

Several people have said that the quality of your life boils down to the quality of your relationships.  It does not matter how much money and other stuff you have in your life, if you have poor or shallow relationships, you have a less than full life.  This is even more true in addiction.  The type and quality of people you choose to surround yourself with, will to a large extent determine the duration and success of your sobriety.

Time spent in a drug rehab center allows to you plan for and choose the types of relationships you want in the rest of your life. Drug rehab treatment involves disconnecting from life for a period of weeks to months.  You will never in your life have such a golden opportunity which people you will reconnect with and which you will not.  You can also choose new people you want to make a connection with.  Do some planning while you are in rehab.  Start your life over again with relationships that will support you.


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