Only the Celebrities get noticed in Drug Overdose Deaths

Another famous person has died far to soon do to drug and alcohol abuse.  More than enough will be written and said about her premature passing.  I won’t add to that.  I just find it so tragic that we say nothing about the many people who die of the same route daily who are just ignored and thought of as expendable.

Hospitals in large urban areas deal with drug and alcohol overdose on a daily basis.  Young people are lost to this on literally a daily basis across this great country of ours and yet are just simply forgotten about.  We simply need to find a way to get more free drug and alcohol rehab available.  We can keep adding to the lists of people who died far too soon, or we can face this problem and deal with it.  We need free rehab available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  No waiting lists, no games about admitting people only if they show up Monday mornings at 8:30.  Canada is a great country, and if we can’t afford free drug rehab treatment, who can?

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