It Never hurts to ask for help from your Higher Power

I had a physician work on me the last few days.  He kept trying over and over to get a simple procedure to work.  It just wasn’t accomplishing what it was supposed to.  He brought me back day after day without any improvement.  It was certainly an exercise in perseverance.  He knew it would work, that it was only a matter of time.  I wanted to give up and go to a specialist and he just kept bringing me back.

On the last day he bought me in and finally it worked and I had immediate relief.  I told him I was impressed by his confidence and steadfast belief that it would work.  He then told me he had preyed to bolster his belief in his skill and knowledge.  It works for him because of his belief in his higher power.  If you are going through an addictive cycle asking for help from your higher power never hurts.  My physician convinced of that.

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