Stopping the Manipulation Games

Drug addiction is filled with manipulation.  We manipulate our selves as well as others.  Manipulation in drug rehab and drug addiction involves using words and stories to get an emotional response to influence someone to ack in a desired way.  “If you don’t help, me I will kill myself!”  This is a classic manipulative statement.  You are trying to get the other person to feel guilty or sympathitic enough to give you what you want.  “Can you help me, I feel like I might harm myself”  This is a statement describing the same thing, without the manipulation.

It is worthwhile to note, that if a statement is of the context, If……then I will……, the statement is almost always manipulative.  Once you are in a drug rehab center, you are no longer using.  Old habits like manipulation will continue long after the drug and alcohol abuse has stopped.  Have a look to see if you are still using manipulation and see how woon you can elimenate it.

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