Momentum in Drug Rehab

Change is difficult and not easy to do.  It seems the first few steps are the most difficult in addiction.  We are always planning on quitting tomorrow.  This is always the last time we are going to drink or use.  But just as difficult as it is to start down the path of change and sobriety, once you start and link a few successes together, momentum come to you aid.

Even a few small changes in a row for a couple of days starts to elevate your mood.  Instead of hoping to start tomorrow, you look forward to more progress in the next days.  It is like you have been watching your weight go up and up.  You keep saying you are starting your diet tomorrow.  Then once you do get your diet going and you see the number finally decrease you finally believe in yourself a bit again.

The problem in a drug rehab program is that other than counting days of sobriety it is harder to measure your progress.  Losing weight is obvious and easy to quantify.  So what can you measure in drug rehab to help you build and maintain momentum?  Sleep pattern and improvement is one area to follow.  Keeping track of how long it takes you to go to sleep.  What time do you wake up?  the more normal your sleeping pattern the healthier you are becoming.  A self monitored depression index is another.  There are several on line for free.  Monitoring your mood improvement will also help you add to your momentum.  The more things you can build on other than days of sobriety will make your time in drug rehab more productive and a lot easier.


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