Drug Rehab and “Yabut”

We all have dreams and goals.  We all mostly want a better life and make a difference.  We all for the most part want to change our negative habits.  Take getting in shape for instance.  Exercise is still probably the best antidepressant there is.  We know it is good for our heart and our lungs.  Our mid-section loves when we exercise.

Ya but I can’t get up early to make the gym.  Ya but I have to stay late at work.  Ya but who will take care of the kids.  The “yabut”s are endless.  The excuses we use to procrastinate.  How about drug rehab?  Yabut I can’t afford to take the time off to go to drug rehab, (but you have endless hours to waste drunk or high).   Yabut I can’t afford the money to go to drug rehab, (but you have money to buy drugs and alcohol).  Yabut who will take care of my kids when I am at drug rehab? (who takes care of your kids when you are drunk or stoned?)

There are no good “yabuts”.  They are simply excuses we make up to justify our continued abuse of drugs and alcohol.  Why not be honest and simply say, I would rather stay drunk than change.  The truth is always pretty simple, isn’t it.

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