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Pushing the Edge in Drug Rehab

We have all taken chances and gotten away with it.  How many times can you go over the speed limit and not get a ticket?  Ususally quite a few.  One of the problems with addiction is that the vast majority of … Continue reading

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Tiny Shifts in Drug Rehab

Going to a drug and alcohol rehab center can see like turning everything in your life upside down.  You have changed your location.  You have changed your routine.  You have changed your friends and social circle.  With all these large changes … Continue reading

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Bad Times in Drug Rehab are Not Excuses!

Drug rehab can be tough.  There will be other clients in rehab that will push all your buttons.  There will be parts of the drug rehab program that might be meaningless to you.  There will be parts of treatment that … Continue reading

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If you say Addiction is Incurable, It Will be!

You can read today that many people feel that addiction to drug and alcohol is an incurable disease, that which if you suffer from the best you can hope for is to manage it, but you will always be aflicted.  … Continue reading

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Success in Drug Rehab is about Today

In drug rehab and in life there is a saying we have all heard many times.  ”People do not plan to fail, they simply fail to plan.”  Somehow though success has gotten linked to something in the future.  Success is … Continue reading

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