Judgement in Drug Rehab

Daily we are bombarded with ideas, both new and old.  There are ads everywhere.  People are filled with opinions.  CNN flogs the latest crisis in the world, complete with a raft of experts to explain it’s impact to us.  Add in going to a drug rehab program. You will be given a long list of changes and suggestions on how to move past drugs and alcohol in your life.  How can you tell what to try?  What to believe?  What not to believe?

Judging if an idea is good or bad is not that easy to do sometimes.  Some of the things presented in a drug rehab program you may feel are so stupid you would never try them. You may argue will all your strength that you do not need it.  And yet with time, you may come to realize it is vital to your sobriety.  There are a couple of things to keep in mind in working out which things you need to add to your life to become sober.  Firstly, you life is not working well right now, so some change has to come about for that to improve.  You have to try something.  Secondly is that a drug rehab program is not the real world.  You can try different things out with no real consequences.

Rather then argue endlessly in your head about if something is a stupid idea or not, why not simply try it for a while and see what you can learn from that experience?  Then try another.  When you have tried them all, go back and try some over again, as your skill set will have improved and now it may work even better for you.  Judgement is a valuable skill.  In real life, it slows us down and allow us to evaluate things.  Drug rehab is about rapid life change in a short period of time.  Put some of your judgement aside for a while.  Experiment with new ideas and concepts.  Learn what you can in the safety of drug rehab.  You can always put your judgement cap back on when you leave.

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