Alcohol is still way too Cool

I attending a graduation banquet last night.  The Class of 2011.  It was wonderful.  All these young men and women dressed in their very best, filled with hope and looking for the future.  The ceremonies and food were great, and the air was filled with promise.  There really was only one thing that was bothering me.  All these kids were doing their very best to look grown up.

Unfortunately for many of them, it involved walking around with a beer or cocktail in their hand.  It was easy to see why they wanted to have some alcohol, as most of their parents were doing the same thing.  Bottles of wine were sitting ready to be poured on most of the tables.  We make alcohol seem cool and grown-up and then we wonder why our kids drink to much.  All the education programs in the the world will do nothing as long as the primary role models in our kids lives use and abuse alcohol.  As long as we keep alcohol cool, we better build more and more drug and alcohol rehab centers.  Hey, maybe Mom and Dad can take the kids to rehab together, kind of a family bonding thing…..just a thought.

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