Free on line Drug Rehab Self Education Program

There are lots of free online resources for meeting and connecting with people in the various recovery communities.  Most of these communities have various books and materials for sale in their on line bookstores.  These are wonderful and a great help to many people.

What is missing is an actual on line drug and alcohol rehab program for free.  It is need for several reasons. A lot people need to go to actual drug rehab centers and be in a safe place to change.  But due to financial or space reasons they may be on a waiting list for a period of time.  What are they to do during that time, simply hold on by their fingernails and wait as the time passes slowly by?

There are people who are just experiencing some of the problems of addiction.  They are still functioning fairly well in their day to day lives.  If there was an on line free program, maybe the progression of their case to a full blown addiction might be prevented.  It for that reason we are putting together a free drug and alcohol drug rehab program on line. There will be daily lessons and information and a drug and alcohol relapse prevention manual.

This free information is not intended to replace professional counseling or going to a drug rehab center. It is intended to be another resource to add to those things.  It is also intended to help people who have no money and are stuck on a waiting list have something to help.  Check back over the next few weeks and we will be posting links to our free on line drug and alcohol self educational program.

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