If you say Addiction is Incurable, It Will be!

You can read today that many people feel that addiction to drug and alcohol is an incurable disease, that which if you suffer from the best you can hope for is to manage it, but you will always be aflicted.  There are others who do not follow this belief. 

I’m not here to debate the merits of either side of the arguement.  I just wonder how words like powerless and incurable help us in the long run.  If we are truly powerless against alcohol and drugs, what is the point of doing research?  How can a drug and alcohol rehab center ever get better?  I also do not mean to state the obvious, but were not all diseases, “incurable” until the day we found a cure through hard work with trial and error?  Addiction may be a very difficult condition for a great number of us.  It is a complex and long standing problem.  You cannot just snap your fingers and live a sober life.  But stating addiction is incurable, just add more weight to a already difficult problem.  We have solutions for addiction.  With research we will find more effective and better ones.  Let’s not make the mistake of labeling it in a way to slow that process.

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