Building a Social Support Network when you Leave Drug Rehab

When you leave a drug rehab center one of the first things you probably want to work on is building and rebuilding your social support network.  A social support group is vital post drug rehab as it provides  an emotional support and help network.  It provides a group of friends for trusted and honest feedback.  Or sometimes just some one to vent or talk over coffee.

You want to eliminate all the people who “use” , “abuse” and “enmesh”  from your life. Early in the recovery process when you have left a drug rehab treatment center, people who use drugs are dangerous to your sobriety.  You must distance yourself and be safe from them.

As well as abusive people, either physically or verbally should not be in your support group.  They will add uncertainty and stress to your life, both major triggers of relapse. People who enmesh or co dependent people should also be removed from your social support group.  There clinging behavior is again a high stress source and their inability to maintain distance in a relationship will make them poor candidates for advice.  They tend you view your problems as their own.

A social support network is one of the vital parts of structure you need to succeed post rehab.  In the last few weeks in a drug rehab program, you might what to consider spending some time looking at people you want in your network, and maybe more importantly those for sure you know you don’t.

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