Expecting Perfection leads to Relapse

After you have been to a drug rehab center, hopefully you are able to transition into getting your life back on a roll.  A common mistake is to expect things to fall back into place quickly and for everyone to praise and trust you right away.  It does not matter how wonderful a drug rehab center and program you completed there will be rough days ahead and lots of them.  But over time there will be less and less of them.  The good days and relationships will become more and more frequent.

Again the power of focus is so important when moving past addictive cycles in your life.  If you focus on the pain the the “what ifs” you are in for a very rough ride.  Expecting to have no cravings to drink or use after you leave drug rehab is both false and dangerous. Planning how to minimize cravings and how to handle cues and cravings when they arise is both smart and practical.

Striving for perfection always leads to excess stress and anxiety.  Consistency and improvement during and after a drug rehab program are much more valid and sane goals.

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