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Help the Drug Rehab that Helped You!

Did you attend a drug rehab that made a difference in your life?  There are so many choices out there, people need help finding a drug rehab center that works for them among all the spots available.  Help them out.  Tell … Continue reading

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Judgement in Drug Rehab

Daily we are bombarded with ideas, both new and old.  There are ads everywhere.  People are filled with opinions.  CNN flogs the latest crisis in the world, complete with a raft of experts to explain it’s impact to us.  Add in going … Continue reading

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Alcohol is still way too Cool

I attending a graduation banquet last night.  The Class of 2011.  It was wonderful.  All these young men and women dressed in their very best, filled with hope and looking for the future.  The ceremonies and food were great, and … Continue reading

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Free on line Drug Rehab Self Education Program

There are lots of free online resources for meeting and connecting with people in the various recovery communities.  Most of these communities have various books and materials for sale in their on line bookstores.  These are wonderful and a great … Continue reading

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Self Harm in Drug Rehab

We all have bad days.  We all say things sometimes that we don’t mean.  Most every client going through drug and alcohol rehab and pondered at least for a few minutes if maybe everybody around them would be better off … Continue reading

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